• border print factory

    A project by Anna Kurtycz and Hanna de Haan

    Borders are defined as geographic boundaries of political entities or legal jurisdictions. They can be imaginary or natural, separating, defining and dividing. They are human constructions that imply concepts as checkpoints, border zones, control.

    From a broader perspective a border is also a space where the interaciton between two entities takes place. It is an open possibility of exchange, inspriation and understanding. From this perspective we can go beyond the geographical definition and explore the idea of borders as places where two entities, in this case our own graphic work, coincide.

    In the framework of our own artistic project concerning borders, we gave a printing workshop for children. During the workshop children did explore (conceptually and graphically) the idea of borders. With the results of this exploration the participants wrote and illustrated their own book using different printmaking techniques.


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